First phase of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s new rollercoaster set for completion

Coinslot - Blackpool Pleasure beach rollercoaster
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Blackpool Pleasure Beach has confirmed that the first phase of work on its new £16.25m rollercoaster is on schedule and will be delivered on time.


The amusement park said over 80 per cent of the foundations for the rollercoaster ride, currently dubbed Construction MMXVIII, has been completed.

Once finalised, it will be the UK’s first double launch rollercoaster and will feature a total of 15 interactions, the most in the world.

Alex Payne, Blackpool Pleasure Beach technical director, said: “We’re really pleased with progress to date. On a project of this scale there are numerous opportunities for challenges to arise.

“Five years’ meticulous planning and advancements in technology have, however, enabled us to plan everything down to the millimetre, enabling us to know exactly where everything is and reducing the risk of set-backs.

“Work on the foundations is very near to completion. Our focus will then move to phase two, putting processes in place for essential enabling works – introducing electricity and air supplies, and building the sub-station. Reaching heights of 88.5ft, with drops of up to 82ft, Construction MMXVIII will launch riders at the same level of acceleration as an F1 car twice – once at the start of the ride and again at a second point halfway through its two and a half minute duration.

Nick Thompson, the park’s deputy managing director, commented: “It is so exciting to watch the plans for Construction MMXVIII take shape. The caps dotted around the park are evidence of the intense design and engineering process and we’re looking forward to sharing the progress with park goers.” The ride, currently being manufactured in Germany, will open in spring 2018.

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