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A strong first impression at European Sign Expo

April 5, 2017
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The upcoming European Sign Expo in May has confirmed its new marketing campaign strapline for the 2017 show, Dare to Create Different.


The European Sign Expo has launched its 2017 campaign under the strapline Dare to Create Different.

The event by the Federation of European Screen Printers Association (FESPA) will clearly be aiming to prove that when it presents its fifth edition, with 75 exhibitors representing over 200 suppliers, covering channel lettering, illuminated signage including LED and neon, etching, engraving, and dimensional and architectural signage.

Now, as with all expos, visitors will be able to explore a wide variety of applications, technologies and materials, and also network which will be all the more enjoyable given that the event is in the cracking city of Hamburg – one of Germany’s finest – at the Hamburg Messe 8-12 May.

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