A big and busy DEAL to come later next year

Coinslot - DEAL Dubai 2018 next year
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The DEAL show in Dubai will be held slightly later in 2018 with event organisers confirming a busy show will take place on Sunday 8 April next year.


Event organiser International Expo Consults has announced that DEAL 2018 will go back to slightly later dates next year, opening on Sunday 8 April, for three days.

The news came at this year’ s outing, which opened on Monday morning bigger than ever and was reciprocated by increased footfall from visitors.

There was a strong contingent of exhibitors from China, with 65 companies coming from the Far East to make up a quarter of all exhibitors.

The exhibition, which ended Wednesday, is now considered a principal event in the industry calendar for the Middle East, focusing on equipment for theme parks and FECs.

The latter has always held a stronger sway in terms of influence, but with three major theme parks opening in Dubai late last year, the balance is shifting.

A conference programme running alongside the show and organised by the new Middle East trade association, MENALAC, tended to differ in its assessment of the trends.

A panel at the end of the second and final day of the conference concluded firmly that the theme parks were essentially a Dubai phenomenon and generally the pattern would not be repeated across the region. And the majority of visitors would be international tourists, while the FECs in the big shopping malls would continue to cater for the locals, plus shopping tourists.

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