Positive outlook for a very British pastime post Brexit?

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Last summer’s Brexit vote may have left many pub owners facing uncertain futures, but diligent work from industry leaders and trade bodies have shored up the standing of the institutions, which now have grounds for optimism, says Tom Rush.


The seemingly endless back and forths are over, Article 50 has been triggered and the UK is set for some form of self determination, at some point in the near future.

Initial scepticism has begun to subside, and a recent survey has shown that pubs, the most British of pursuits, and cornerstone of these fair isles appear to be on the up.

A CGA Peach survey taken straight after the Brexit result showed that only 24 percent of pub-trade business owners were optimistic about the market, but when asked again this month the number had almost tripled to 68 percent.

A raft of Government provisions in the last few months have also added security to the sector, including protection from developments, and tax rate reliefs.

The meeting place for communities, and a rite of passage for each generation to work out just how fruit machines work, could well be set for a resurgence amidst new found market belief and national confidence.

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