Jaybox: Set to keep it simple this summer

Coinslot - Jaybox Sound of summer
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With a summer of sound fast approaching, Jaybox has launched a limited-time price offer exemplifying the company’s simple business philosophy.


Jaybox has launched a limited- time price offer to the market as the company continues to pass on its savings and efficiencies to operators.

This strategy follows through on the manufacturer’s refreshingly simple philosophy; to provide the best music catalogue through the highest quality hardware.

Payments are kept equally uncomplicated, with a set monthly-fee rather than the more unpredictable cashbox- share option.

“It’s all about keeping it simple,” explained Jamie Barnett, sales director of Jaybox. “It’s not about constantly trying to charge for replacement boxes or repairs or looking to penalise successful clients by taking a share of their cash box.”

Rather than taking a cut from operators, Jaybox’s business model is to pass savings back to their clients, which is underlined by the current limited-time offer on the company’s jukeboxes.

“We look to pass on savings and efficiencies to our clients which is why we can offer such competitive hardware prices and for a limited time we are offering the most current Jaybox from a starting price of £1,250,” added Barnett. “That represents a massive saving to our clients and shows our commitment to operators in their constant drive for profitability.”

The company furthers this commitment upon installation, with Jaybox’s confidence in hardware reliability allowing its extensive music catalogue to do the talking.

“We build a super reliable Jukebox backed up with a three year warranty, but most importantly we focus on the music,” commented Barnett. “A fantastic music catalogue, with all the latest summer tracks, is what the public will pay to play. This is evidenced by Jaybox V3, which is one of the highest revenue generating jukeboxes on the market today.”

Barnett believes this fact is one that cuts through the complexity of the modern marketplace, which can often focus too much on promises, and not enough on results.

“As I said before, good business is about keeping it simple,” he concluded, “and we feel that much of the competition loses sight of the fact that it’s simply about providing the best music with minimum overhead, while maintaining quality that makes the best business practice.”

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