Licensing board approves two new Clydebank gaming centres

Coinslot - Clydebank centre
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A local licensing board in Scotland has approved two new gaming centres which will be opened in the town centre of Clydebank


Following approval from the local licensing board, two new gaming centres will now be opened in the Scottish town of Clydebank.

The decision paves the way for the creation of family entertainment and adult gaming centres in the bustling Clyde shopping centre.

The units are being opened by Harry and Elsie Smith of County Amusements, who were represented at the licensing board meeting by their son Harris who put the powerful case forward for new business opportunities in the town.

Bringing a strong family-orientated ethos to the new venture and to the local business community, the licensing board were advised that: “County Amusements are fourth generation family business, they’re very active and forward thinking.” So much so that the County Amusements philosophy places strong emphasis on responsibility.

“Vulnerable persons interaction is at the forefront of their minds,” the board were told and the Smith family were determined to make the point “that there is a clear and categorical no children’s policy in the AGC.”

The move represents a positive step forward for the Scottish leisure industry, reinforcing its role in delivering investment into the country’s high streets and job opportunities.

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