RLMS and Fatcat rewind with Retro Arcade compendium

Coinslot - Retro Arcade RLMS Sales pusher
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Riding a wave of video nostalgia, RLMS Sales present a retro three-game compendium with no siting restrictions.


RLMS Sales has joined forces with Fatcat Softworks in developing an ideal solution for operators who would like to add some ‘retro cool’ to their product offering and utilise off-site stocks of Paragon TT or TT09 cabinets.

Retro Arcade offers three great, old school video games comprising Cosmic Invaders, Super Fatcat and Gasteroids, complete with joystick and button action to recreate that classic video arcade look and feel.

“We know there’s a ready supply of Paragon TT cabinets lying fallow that could be re-energised and earning money for operators,” commented territory sales manager Karen Sarosi. “With Retro Arcade, these perfectly good cabinets can be back in operation and helping players enjoy some of those classic sights and sounds from the halcyon days of video. There’s currently a big wave of nostalgia for all things retro and this package, whether purchased outright or as a kit, taps right into that.”

Operators have two options; the complete product ready-built and housed in the Paragon TT or TT 09 cabinet for just over a £1,000, or purchase it as a kit to be fitted to their own existing Paragon cabinets for well under a £1,000.

Retro Arcade comes with an arcade quality joystick and play buttons, a brand new PC with new memory and a solid state hard drive for fast load times. Also included is artwork, hard wearing acrylic panels and a topper to support promotions.

The three-game compendium offers classic, retro styles and each can be played by one or two players.

Additionally, they feature high score tables to allow for local challenges and tournament play.

As these games are for entertainment only, they are not subject to MGD and require no permit, meaning no restrictions as to where they can be sited. That gives operators the opportunity to increase their sited machine density within their existing client base and assists driving overall site income.

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