Crazy Chicken causes a run on red acrylic

Coinslot Project Crazy Chicken red
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Project’s new video redemption slot machine is proving so popular that the seasoned manufacturer is having to seek alternative sources of red paint to keep up with demand.


The popularity of Project’s Crazy Chicken video redemption piece has forced the games creator to look abroad for an alternative supplier of its eye-catching red acrylic, which features extensively on the facia of the three player game.

The continued demand for Crazy Chicken, which uses video and 3D animation to enhance the redemption player experience, has meant that Project needed to source an alternative acrylic supplier in Germany in order to fulfil its order book.

Managing director, Tony Boulton said: “This is our first real foray into the redemption sector and demand for Crazy Chicken from both inland and coastal operators has been very healthy, so much so that it exceeded supply for the materials that give the game it’s strong visual appeal.

“Rather than compromise on the colour or the pantone of the rich red which makes Crazy Chicken stand out so vividly, we opted to ship the acrylic in from Germany and give our UK supplier some additional breathing space.”

He added: “Income data is still above our pre-launch performance targets and I’m pleased that the game is earning a reputation as a consistent performer which is delivering good bottom line profits for our customers, an increasing number of whom are adding a fourth cabinet to make the Crazy Chicken multiplayer into a high impact centrepiece.”

Crazy Chicken has the flexibility to run on nine different percentage options within 0.5 percent accuracy.

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