Operators left Moonstruck by Reflex’s Lady Luck

Coinslot - Reflex Gaming Lady Luck Moonstruck
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With installations being performed up and down the country, Reflex Gaming’s Lady Luck Moonstruck has impressed operators with its stand-out presentation and creative game design.


Reflex Gaming’s three-player Lady Luck Moonstruck has gone from strength to strength following it’s debut at ACOS four months ago.Coinslot - Reflex Gaming Lady Luck Moonstruck operators

Since this unveiling, the game has impressed arcade and bingo operators at EAG and ICE, garnering strong feedback for its standout design.

Lady Luck Moonstruck is fully switchable between Category C, Cat C Lite and Category D, thereby accommodating a wide variety of gaming locations and ensuring long term operational value. Transformation between the various stakes and prizes can be achieved in minutes, due to the innovative and engineer friendly design which delivers easy access to the decals.

The brand new top box has also been designed to improve the installation and set-up process by positioning it straight onto the three turrets situated on the top of the slave machines. Housed in Reflex’s unique mini cabinet with addressable LED lighting, presentation has been equally at the heart of the development process in order to enhance the wow-factor.

This shone through in the very positive feedback from performance tests across the full spectrum of location types including FECs, holiday parks, bingo halls and AGCs.

Priced at £7,995, including note acceptor, Lady Luck Moonstruck has made a strong impact in the market with its affordability and performance, reinforced by the large number of installations since the game’s inception.

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