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Gala’s commercial director Andy Goram explains how multiplayer community games compliment the company’s bingo offering to help foster a ‘friendly, social gaming environment’.


How popular have multiplayer and community games been over the last year?

We have 19 multiplayer community games installed across our estate. Customers can get access to these popular titles via around 2100 server-based terminals across our 129 club estate. These games continue to grow in popularity with our customers and Rainbow Riches Party (Cat C Community) continues to be the top performing title within our estate.

What features of this game-type complement the bingo hall environment?

The clue is in the word ‘community’. Bingo clubs have always been and always will be strong community hubs, where people come to meet, socialise and share the bingo experience. Bingo customers get the concept of sharing rewards, or in this case features and pots, and playing games together fits perfectly. Predominantly the spirit of fun that bingo oozes is also seen and experienced through these community game titles. Community games have a particular appeal to our female audience through that strong social element to the playing experience. It’s a perfect match.

What added value can multiplayer community games bring to bingo halls?

Customers enjoy winning and these community games get groups of people winning and that brings a great social buzz to the atmosphere in our arcades and the wider club. People come to bingo to have fun and these games definitely help foster that friendly, social gaming environment.

How does this social gaming environment encourage play and aid customer retention for your venues?

Put simply, it’s all about player enjoyment and regular wins. The joint features associated with these games gives players better value for money and a longer, more enjoyable, playing experience.

Do you plan to invest in more multiplayer community gaming machines in the future?

Yes. We absolutely see the benefit of these machines and our customers clearly enjoy them. Anything that increases customer enjoyment and accentuates the fun, social environment that bingo seeks to deliver is good for business. They will definitely play a strong part in our plans to continue to build and operate a best-in-class machines offer.

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