Blueprint breaking new ground with community games

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With its latest set of games, Simon Barff from Blueprint is hoping to bring the same success enjoyed by community games in the bingo sector to the AGC market, as the company continues to seek out new and exciting ways to innovate in this exciting format.


It’s a popular refrain among members of the AGC and bingo industries that their business is as much about the social atmosphere of playing with likeminded people as it is about gambling.

No sub-sector of the machine trade emphasises this more than community games, which allow a literally allow groups to play and win together.

“We all know that shared success is even more enjoyable than purely personal achievement,” explains Blueprint Machines’ MD, Simon Barff.

“When you have groups of happy people playing within the AGC or bingo environment, it creates a great atmosphere for everyone. We also know that players for multiplayer community games tend to be very loyal to the concept, which is great news for the operator as this means lots of repeat play.”

Bingo halls, in particular, have been enjoying the fruits of good quality community games for years, but Blueprint believes the same success can be enjoyed in AGCs and have put in the effort to achieve results there.

“Blueprint Machines has been working very hard for the past two years in the AGC sector to create a multiplayer community game that will provide exciting levels of player involvement,” explained Barff.

“We feel we have achieved this with our second community game, Cash Vault, which contains a combination of Blueprint and third party content. Our first multiplayer community game for this sector was Rainbow Gold, which helped us to build some traction in this field and start to build our market share.”

It’s an important part of the Blueprint DNA to push the industry forward and the company’s latest game is another great example of innovation in this field.

“We have a unique feature in Cash Vault, which is that all of the four games in each cabinet can share the same community feature,” said Barff. “No matter which game is being played – the opportunity is always there for the feature to be activated, which is very exciting for the player and also puts them more in control of what they want to play.”

The company, and game designers as a whole, would love to push the envelope further, but the all to familiar spectre of regulation severely limits the possibility of creative design.

“We would love to see live jackpots across machines in an AGC or bingo environment in a similar way to casinos,” said Barff. “Undoubtedly this creates a real buzz with the players and a sense of occasion and it would allow us as game designers to do some interesting things.

“For us, the main priority of the triennial would be to gain a relaxation of technical standards, although we would obviously be happy with increased stakes and prizes as well. However, it is the technical standards that allow our game designers to try out new ideas and this moves the industry forward.”

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