The untapped potential of bingo hall community gaming

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The continued diversification of the bingo hall experience is a perfect opportunity for operators to make the most of community gaming installations according to Mark Jepp, managing director at Majestic.


Bingo hall operator, Majestic, has found a great deal of success in the placing of community gaming machines in its premises, finding the perfect accompaniment to the classic social setting.

With a wealth of experience in the gaming sector – spanning arcades and casinos alongside bingo halls – Jepp was full of praise for the gaming machines.

“We’ve got Triple 7 and Triple 8 SG machines in all our sites, and we have community gaming in all of our 16 clubs, ranging from three together up to a row of nine, it is quite a big part of our gaming machines strategy.

“It has been growing every year, and they are still as popular as ever, and I still in some ways think that it has not reached its potential and is somewhat untapped. The whole customer offer about community in gaming, particularly in bingo, just works very well.”

The bingo hall setting, and nature of the game itself, offers its own unique opportunity for auxiliary machine succes. The two-part nature of a bingo, one of large, sociable crowds, and frequent intervals leads to a condensing of mass-play time, with Jepp noting that a busy day could see crowds of 400 for a morning session, and 500 for an evening one.

Whilst players partake in the same core game, they may also seek out collective excitement in the regular intervals.

Jepp added that this makes the bingo hall a perfect environment for more community-led installations.

Owing to this, Majestic is embarking on a program of machine investment: “Gone are the days when it is sort of an ancillary product, it is a core product to us – bingo is core, but also machines are core.

“Now over the last year we really have invested in more machines, with sizeable investment last summer. We also invested in a machine’s manager at the beginning of last year, which shows our commitment and focus to machines to have someone on it 24/7.

“We will continue to invest in machines because they have always been important, and are becoming increasingly so. The next phase of Majestic is about capitalising on machine offer for the benefit of the customer.”

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