Bacta chief executive addresses Westminster Forum

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The chief executive of Bacta, John White, took the opportunity to address decision makers in the political centre of the country this week, as he spoke at a Westminster forum to explain the value of the UK coin-op industry and the threats it faces moving forwards.


Bacta chief executive, John White, represented the UK low stake gaming and amusements industry in a speech delivered last week to the influential Westminster Forum Projects (WFP). The WFP operates a group of impartial and cross-party forums in public policy and enjoys substantial support and involvement from key policymakers and stakeholders in professional bodies.

White, whose presentation incorporated an overview of developments impacting the domestic industry, as well as regulation and the likely consequences of Brexit, believes every opportunity to engage in senior level debate and explain the issues impacting the industry should be seized.

He explained: “None of the forums has a policy agenda of its own, other than simply to raise the quality of debate on public policy developments and in the process create opportunities for informed discussion.

“For many years the industry has been a victim of misinformation, which has helped sustain a negative narrative surrounding what in reality is a socially responsible and mature industry. Any opportunity to redress the balance and engage with policy makers is welcome and I was pleased at the very positive response to what I had to say.”

He added: “I took the opportunity to highlight a number of key topics, not least the hugely damaging impact FOBTs are having on Bacta members operating on the high street, the contribution made by Bacta members in the seaside tourism proposition and the importance of the sector being able to participate in the ‘touch and go’ contactless payments revolution. The fact that we were invited to participate ref lects positively on the reputation enjoyed by Bacta.”

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