Scottish independence: Once more with feeling

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Nicola Sturgeon has fired the starting pistol on the process that will see Scotland vote on independence once more, and this time it may be in the economic interests of the country to do so, says Tom Rush.


Scotland will once more hold a referendum over its position within the United Kingdom, but now with the added issue of membership of the European Union on the table, the question is wholly different proposition to 2014. The Scottish people are now voting to maintain ties to a Westminster on a relentless, aimless, campaign of isolationism.

Recent U-turns on business rates in Scotland have shown those in Holyrood do actually listen to the people and institutions that make up their nation, and this should give operators in the country hope. In stark contrast, the latest Tory budget sees the party with eyes closed and fingers in ears, continuing its flagrant castigation of pubs, small business, and self-starters.

So the choice now faced is one where Scotland can vote for self-determination by a government that listens, with the chance to apply for single market access, or remain the mute led by the mad.

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