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England and Scotland: A bond stronger than politics

March 19, 2017
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Disagreeing with his fellow writer on Scotland, Sam Spencer argues that the Great British bond should not be broken so lightly.


While my colleague makes a good point about Scotland’s recent business rates U-turn, these short-term political decisions are hardly a strong enough platform for independence. We all know what politicians are like, and despite May’s cry that ‘Politics is not a game’, we all know that it is.

With this in mind, the U-turn is merely a political point on the board for Sturgeon’s new independence campaign – and she will keep trying to score until she gets the vote. As Sturgeon and May play political tennis, Scotland needs to ignore the ball and think from the heart.

From a cultural perspective, is Scotland moving towards Europe or is it intrinsically tied to Great Britain? I’m not confident my one-eighth of Scottishness allows me to answer this, but as a northerner I have always thought of Scotland as the most British of the bunch. We have seen that politics can change in one summer, so let’s not break this 310-year bond so lightly.

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