A welcome shift in pace at Irish Gaming Show

Coinslot Irish Gaming Show
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The Irish Gaming Show might not come out all guns blazing, but its organisers (and Joseph Ewens too) are glad that it doesn’t.


After the intensity of EAG and the razzamatazz of ICE, a quick jaunt across the sea to the Irish Gaming Show is always a welcome addition to the early-year trade show calendar. This relaxed and quite typically Irish event is a low-key affair, but one that is deeply cherished by local market.

It’s also a show which belies the strength of the market it serves. Although the Irish industry was battered by the deep recession it suffered through, plenty of vibrant businesses have emerged on the other side and you might think that a larger, more bombastic, show would better represent their current status.

However, as organiser John Purcell makes clear in this issue of Coinslot, there is a deliberate strategy at work in keeping the event small and friendly, rather than letting it explode into an larger, impersonal affair.

From a purely selfish perspective, this is a great thing. EAG is all-action and ICE is practically the eighth wonder of the world, so being able to explore a unique market in a more relaxed setting adds some great texture to the year, and is a great transition into the more sedate UK shows that pepper the spring and summer seasons.

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