Popular BFG favourite returns with a new twist

Coinslot - RLMS Sales Popular BFG Crazy Fruits Streak
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RLMS Sales has added one of the most popular games ever to its portfolio this week in the shape of Bell Fruit Games’ Crazy Fruits Streak.


National distributor RLMS Sales has made an exciting new addition to its portfolio this week in the form of Bell-Fruit Games’ (BFG) Crazy Fruits Streak.

Widely acknowledged as one of the most popular games ever released, this new Cat C-Lite model has been reinvigorated with a new feature that enables players to win up to £10 with streaks. The game is housed in the stylish Mini Eclipse cabinet – ideal for mid-aisle locations – and follows hot on the heels of BFG’s Golden Winner.

Crazy Fruit Streak, designed for the AGC and bingo sectors, bears all the hallmarks of the very first Crazy Fruits offering. Even the sound of the game is true to the successful original. Now housed in the Mini Eclipse cabinet, it features an eye-catching, back-lit door with a vinyl wrapped frame that extends the iconic Crazy Fruits branding to the side of the machine. The game is based on tried and trusted Scorpion 6 technology and features an NV10 note validator as standard.

Territory sales manager Kevin Bottrill commented: “Crazy Fruits is instantly recognisable to legions of players and has always been a popular favourite. The addition of a streak feature allows players to enjoy an exciting gaming experience that’s big on thrills but at a low price per play.

“From an operator perspective, as the Mini Eclipse range grows, they will have the opportunity to present the games in a bank which adds a big dose of visual appeal to any machine area. Additionally the Cat C-Lite status of Crazy Fruits Streak obviously means that there’s the added benefit of only having to pay the lower five percent rate of MGD. In a nutshell, this is a brilliant game that’s been presented in a very clever package that will delight players and operators in equal measure.”

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