Coinslot - G-Squared Games Casino King £1m

Casino King passes £1m milestone within weeks

March 16, 2017
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Following its launch at EAG, G-Squared Games’ Casino King title has already proved popular with over £1m plays in just a few weeks.


G-Squared Games has confirmed that plays on Casino King have already broken the £1m barrier since its launch a few weeks ago at EAG.

The company developed Casino King as a cost effective alternative to the traditional AWP within the burgeoning digital Cat C sector.

G-Squared’s Andrew Powell explained: “From the outset we wanted Casino King to be different from the established digital cat C offering and players have been quick to appreciate the choice of games and their irreverent humour.

“For the operator, strongly performing games, highly competitive pricing and free connectivity incorporating extremely powerful remote data capture have combined to create a compelling proposition.”

Casino King has been adopted by eight operators to date and can already be found on the estates of most major pub retailers.

According to G-Squared, the machine is performing well, with strong total play and average net balance indices.

“Casino King has been uplifting revenues across a variety of sites, be they new to digital or replacing other digital product,” said Powell. “The product has also done particularly well where the site is shared with other digital cat C games.”

Each Casino King is supplied as a 12 game compendium, and currently 50 percent of the total play is derived from the top five games.

Thursday, 2 March saw the release of the latest compendium, Casino King Carbon, featuring an updated menu system and new slots content.

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