Adventure Island owner slams Budget ‘politics’

Coinslot - Philip Miller Adventure Island Spring Budget
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Philip Miller, owner of Adventure Island amusement park, has spoken out to the Southend Echo about taking politics out of the Spring Budget.


The owner of Southend’s Adventure Island amusement park has dismissed last week’s Budget as the “same old story” and has called on chancellor Philip Hammond to give businesses greater input.

Philip Miller OBE said the fallout from the government’s final Spring Budget was proof that politics had to be taken out of the chancellor’s decision-making.

He told the Southend Echo: “It’s the same old story really, and just as businessmen do not make good politicians, politicians do not make good businessmen.

“It’s about time we took politics out of the Budget. I would contend that many politicians, their special advisors and the civil servants working in the Treasury who decide each successive Budget, do not have any business experience.

“Employing financial experts works for the Bank of England, so why do we let politicians determine the Budget and direction of our economy?

“Looking at how previous chancellors fared – Gordon Brown took us to the verge of bankruptcy and George Osborne was often out of his depth – it was painful.

“British businesses need greater protection from the vagaries of politicians and the government needs to make tax simpler for people, as hardworking business owners do not have the time to get their heads around increasingly complicated systems.”

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