“Redemption is what happy, lasting memories are made of”

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Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS Sales, explains how his company approaches the redemption market and how the simplicity and pure experiences it creates lead to loyal and happy players.


How can the right licences add value to games and what makes a strong licence?

Within a crowded multimachine environment a good licence can make a game instantly recognisable and ensure it has that all important walk up factor.

A strong licence should appeal to a broad age range and be gender neutral. The next stage to success is to keep the game true to the licence which, again, creates an affinity with the player as they immediately understand the premise of the game. Then the final key element to a strong licence is longevity. Operators want to invest in a product that is going to remain popular for a number of seasons rather than be a one season wonder.

What can redemption add to arcades that aren’t yet invested in the concept?

The beauty of redemption is that it enables operators to offer a leisure experience for all ages and all player types – both male and female.

Added to that, it represents good old fashion fun where people can while away an hour or two being thoroughly entertained with the added bonus of a prize. And the prize element is important, as it helps remind them of the great time they had within that establishment. Redemption is what happy, lasting memories are made of. memories memories

How do you decide what kind of redemption games you distribute?

At RLMS Sales we have assembled a portfolio of products that delivers a fantastic choice of games at price points that dovetail with operators’ budgets. If you look at this year’s portfolio we have games that range from the innovative and visually stunning three-player video redemption Crazy Chicken from Project through to the 2p play single players The Wizz and Puffing Billy from Concept Games.

We now offer a range of payment terms to allow operators to invest in equipment, keeping their offering fresh and appealing whilst paying for it at as they earn.

We also have a conversion product, in the form of Birthday Blaster’s TIK-KIT, that allows operators to convert existing coin-only, straight-bed, pushers to ticket redemption at a very competitive price.

In terms of product design we’ve always advocated the KISS (keep it simple stupid!) approach. The most successful redemption games in the markets are fun and straight forward to understand. Players do not read instructions; they are attracted to product by the looks and sounds, they want to be able to quickly establish how much it is going to cost to play, how much they can win, then it’s insert coins and away we go! After the game has started the player must be able to understand what is going on. At the end of the game it’s vital they have enjoyed an engaging experience that leaves them wanting to play again.

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