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GeWeTe hails Irish Gaming Show as “perfect” for region’s market

March 14, 2017
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The Irish Gaming Show, which took place between 7th and 8th March, was a key success for GeWeTe with local operators in the region’s market.


GeWeTe’s Mark has described this year’s Irish Gaming Show as a “perfect” opportunity following their success with local operators at the Dublin event in March.

The company’s change machines have garnered a positive reputation in the Irish market alongside its international success.

GeWeTe change machines offer a complete range of solutions and the company claims its Cash Centre Compact – Casino stood out in Ireland as one of the top solutions best matched to local requirements.

The company claims it has focused constantly on customer satisfaction, leading GeWeTe machines to feature state-of-the-art security technology and provide customers with simple access to their GeWeTe machines for full audit reporting and preventative maintenance.

GeWeTe’s customers in Ireland and the UK are also supported directly by the team at GeWeTe UK, headed up by Mark Edmundson.

Commenting on the Irish Gaming Show, Edmundson explained: “This show is perfect for the Irish market. We always look forward to coming here to greet our customers. We have the right solution for every application. We are increasingly growing our customer base as we are here for our customers to answer all their questions and ensure that they can choose the right GeWeTe solution to match their needs.”

In relation to it’s change machines, the company has driven to break the business model of local change machine producers which GeWeTe believes explains their international success, adding to its local base in Germany where GeWeTe has a market share of over 70%.

GeWeTe machines are completely manufactured in Germany and the entire production process is controlled step by step at the company HQ. All the development work in carried out by the GeWeTe team.

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