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Electrocoin announce egg-citing developments

March 14, 2017
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A new development in a tried and trusted area of redemption and prize vending, latest chicken themed game from Electrocoin has been lighting up venues around the country ahead of its full launch later this year.


GOGO Chicken is an exciting and versatile children’s prize machine from Electrocoin. This new product is a fun game for the kids to watch, featuring all the excitement of seeing an adorable mother hen lay an egg, which delivers a fun prize in a capsule.

Operators have the benefit of offering a number of options from vending a prize or tickets for every credit, or even a combination of the two, with a random bonus capsule on the ticket mode.

Currently, GOGO Chicken is on test at a number of locations, including pub, bowling alleys and FECs. Electrocoin reports that it is out-performing any similar machine that awards a prize every time.

The game is housed in a colourful and attractive metal cabinet for long life and durability and can hold over 300 Capsules, based on a 50-60 millimetre dimensions.

By inserting a coin in the machine, the theatre and attraction begins, with unique sounds and the clucking hen movements. Then, with the final melody and sound, the hen lifts up to lay the capsule, which drops into the tray. Alternatively the machine can pay out tickets at this stage, depending on the selection of the operator.

“A long standing national operator who has been testing the game in a pub location, claims it is the most attractive chicken-themed machine he has ever seen and even goes as far to say it is superior to the chicken machine released by Electrocoin five years ago,” said a company spokesperson.

“He is particularly impressed by the design, but also by the theatre, which gives it a unique standing in the prize/redemption market.

“It will be excellent for any arcade, shopping centre, cinema and anywhere there are families with children as the clucking hen animation is fun for everyone.”

Due to the interest and demand, certain operators have requested to have an early sample flown in, as the full production run will not begin until in April, with the majority of the first container already pre-sold.

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