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Staying at the top of the redemption market

March 13, 2017
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Maintaining top quality standards for decades isn’t easy, but SuzoHapp has made a habit of it and the company’s activity in the redemption sphere is no exception.


SuzoHapp has not become a byword for quality components by accident. Over the organisation’s 60+ year history it has placed great emphasis on ensuring that it sources and manufactures top notch parts, supplies and products. This dedication to high standards continues to this day and has helped cement the company as a major piece in the UK’s redemption jigsaw.

“SuzoHapp offer a range of products, including redemption tickets, ticket dispensers, desktop ticket eaters and game accessories such as mallets, hammers and the jumbo “slam” buttons,” confirmed the company’s UK sales director, John Vallis. “The quality of our products is second to none.”

In more recent times, Suzo has begun to branch out into the digital side of the redemption equation, launching its Redemption Centre Manager (RCM) system via a tie-up with Ideal.

Vallis explained the benefits offered by this service: “The RCM software from Ideal not only allows you to serve 15 customers at the same time at the prize shop, therefore drastically reducing queuing time at the counter, but will also fully manage your inventory levels and even raise PO’s directly to your prize suppliers, all with full real time reporting.” Over on the ticket-handling side of the business, the standard of product is no less, but there’s plenty of history in the market to back up Vallis’ confidence.

“Our ticket dispensers are tried, tested and trusted in the market and have been for quite some years now,” he said. “Exceptional build quality and the quality of the motor and optical assembly ensure that machine uptime is maintained as the ticket dispenser is not prone to jamming.”

SuzoHapp, of course, also supplies a range of tickets. “SuzoHapp offer some of the best quality redemption tickets in the market,” said Vallis. “At 180gsm and with good perforations, they are less likely to tear easily which can be a problem and also they generate less paper dust which can cause issues to ticket dispensers and create ticket jams.

Ultimately, the secret to the company’s success in the redemption market comes down to hard work and high standards. “All of our products are made to the highest quality and follow rigorous stress testing at the factories and our procurement,” confirmed Vallis. “Our QA teams work very hard with the manufacturers to ensure that the quality standards are maintained.”

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