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New SB children’s rides enter the redemption marketplace

March 13, 2017
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With redemption becoming increasing popular around the country, it’s no surprise to see innovative kiddie rides experts, SB Machines, entering the fray with a high quality blending of these two amusements staples.


The popularity of redemption in family entertainment centres has not gone unnoticed in the children’s ride sector.

For several years manufacturers have adopted a ticket payout system on some of their rides and for 2017 SB Machines of Porthcawl has launched two exceptional rides for this sector: Fairytale Princess and Wild Boat.

Both rides are manufactured by Cogan of Italy and feature an interactive video screen with ticket payout.

With Fairytale Princess, the child embarks on a magical journey on a carriage through an enchanted kingdom, collecting various prizes along the way, such as jewels, flowers and curiosities.

The delightful film that plays as the children enjoy the machine captures the rider’s attention by engaging her through every part of the journey. Geared towards girls, Princess Fairytale fulfils a request by operators for a ‘softer’ ride.

Wild Boat is based on a similar idea, but this time the child navigates through a rainforest river, collecting various animals for the boat along the way. Highly engaging and very exciting to play, Wild Boat has performed exceptionally well on site.

All in all, a testament to the fact that ticket payout on children’s rides is here to stay and that it is being very well received and well understood by the younger clientele.

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