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Harry Levy: Driving forward with diverse designs and replay value

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Following a successful EAG for Harry Levy, managing director Matthew Deith gives his view on the flourishing redemption market.


Harry Levy has been expanding its range of redemption products as the market trends towards a more diverse and exciting selection of games.

The company showed this at EAG, where the Harry Levy stand was packed full of innovative designs and styles, and managing director Matthew Deith believes redemption will continue flourish in this way.

“Our redemption is doing well and has really grown over the last twelve months,” he said. “We are investing in ideas and bringing different types of equipment out. Comparing EAG this year to last year, this can be seen throughout the whole market.”

This shows through in Harry Levy’s diverse catalogue, which includes a number of different game styles, from Big Bass to DME Minion Whackers.

“With redemption there’s so many different ways to design games that there is always something new.” Deith added. “Even within games there can be several ways to play, which can add to the repeat play value of the games as well.”

With such a vast array of redemption options, operators could easily become overwhelmed. Understanding this, Harry Levy has an experienced team to go through the catalogue with customers to compare and choose the best-suited redemption machine.

“We try to test our products ourselves and with our customers, and I think we have a comprehensive understanding of the UK market,” Deith added. “This allows us to guide our customers and show them how different products compare, which combined with knowledge of their own site, gives them the information to make the best decision.”

Deith also had some advice for marketing the products to players, which is especially relevant for games involving a modest level of skill. “A lot of the games can be set up as competitions,” he continued, “and this can really help with customer retention.

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