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Green identifies UDC’s redeeming features

March 13, 2017
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Redemption is booming, if UDC’s order book is anything to go by, as Michael Green lays out what machines are the most popular with operators.


The redemption game market is going from strength to strength, according to Michael Green, sales director at the United Distributing Company (UDC).

“2016 was a great year for sales of redemption games, redemption game income and sales of redemption tickets,” he said. “If the orders we take for tickets are any indication, and I believe that they are, operators all over the UK are taking more money with redemption year on year. Each year when we talk to people they are telling us that this year they better order a few million more than last year as they don’t want to run out.”

Green continued: “The games that get people playing vary by age group and location, but one thing is for sure, it’s worth covering the major bases and aiming to cater for each major type of player.

“The 2p roll-down games of yesteryear have made a comeback over recent years having been reinvigorated by adding redemption tickets and exciting playfield and bonus features on games such as the brand new twoplayer ‘Ticket Raider Roll-down’ and the successful ‘Tower of Terror’ games.

“The older players often like the redemption ticket 10p play ‘fruit machine’ style games. They’re cheaper and more fun to play than some of the fancier AWP games. This year we’ve introduced ‘Lara Jones Ticket Raider’ a three-player machine with a linked top-box for the big jackpot feature. This joins existing games such as ‘Pieces of Eight’. It’s a successful formula that players enjoy.”

There’s been a trend for games to get bigger and fancier with more features, bigger bonuses and to include video features. One game that has benefited from this in a big way is ‘Chaos!’ from Benchmark Games. It’s based on the Monster Drop/Slam-AWinner style of game and adds an exciting feature which drops 16 bouncing balls onto the playfield all at once, along with new computer graphics on the display.

Pusher games haven’t escaped the lure of redemption ticket integration, with many new games on the market adding tickets to coin payout, or replacing them entirely. The latest ‘ticket pusher’ from UDC is a single player model called ‘Le Top’ which features many different win zones to award players tickets.

Green adds: “If you’re handling a lot of tickets you don’t want to be doing it by hand, so we always recommend operators invest in the ‘Ticket Station’ machines by Benchmark Games. These are invaluable and include security and accounting features.”

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