Exploring the customer’s simple truth in 2017

Coinslot - JNC Customers Reece Shearsmith
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JNC knows the redemption market like few others, which means that the company’s Reece Newman is well positioned to deliver some valuable insights into what makes the market tick in 2017.


With both a supply business and arcade operation under its aegis, JNC has a very informed perspective on the redemption sector. Coupled with the feedback received from its many customers, the company has developed an incisive view of the current state of the market.

Drawing on this expertise, JNC’s Reece Newman notes that modern players seem to prefer the straightforward approach.

“We have seen that when it comes to redemption machines, the correlation seems to be that the simpler the game, the better the financial performance,” explained Newman. “Look at used machines such as Slam a Winner and Keymaster for example, where simple designs and ease of play makes them trusted machines on all sites.”

It’s not just the operators and JNC that deliver valuable information on the redemption experience, the players themselves have plenty of ways of letting the industry know exactly how they feel.

“In a culture where customer feedback is easily accessible through social media platforms as well as word of mouth, we hear a lot of customers highlight the importance of optimising the on-site experience,” explained Newman. “Which extends to not just how they engage with the machines and other facilities, but also how they feel about their experience in terms of output and reward. It should be in every sites interests for customers to be recognised for their expenditure by winning prizes, no matter how big or small, so that they either re-visit the arcade or speak highly of their experience.”

What these customers will often say is something that’s key to the popularity of redemption: that these machines offer the kind of communal family entertainment that isn’t easily found in the home.

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