Concept’s one big reason to go ticketless

Coinslot - Concept's One Big Ticket System
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While the idea of moving away from tickets in a redemption centre might have seemed like a pipe dream, a full year of testing on Concept’s One Big Ticket system now means that this cost-saving move is an economic reality.


After 12 months testing, Concept’s One Big Ticket (OBT) is now starting to show its benefits, and its savings. The versatile ‘One Big Ticket’ system is the first of its type to offer a swift easy move from traditional redemption payout into a thermally printed ticket.

Expounding on the impact of the product, Concept’s David Garforth said: “The OBT has been testing in several locations for 12 months and is working well technically. Our only reservations were if the single ticket would match the appeal of the armfuls of tickets previously being won, but we have found that any fears have been unfounded, as play levels did not drop at all and therefore the benefits of OBT comes at no risk to operators, while the savings are huge.”

Concept’s system stores up winning points, or tickets, in a display, this is then collected as one small thermally printed ticket which bypasses the munchers and is redeemed at the kiosk or shop. The barcoded ticket use exactly the same bar code languages that the main brands of ticket eaters use, says Concept, which it contends renders those munchers redundant.

“Of course we would never claim that the armfuls of tickets are not of great appeal to children, but the costs associated with managing and buying all that paper is huge to say nothing of the staff costs in filling up servicing conventional tickets,” added Garforth. “And despite certain cynicism on our ability to match cashbox takes we are now selling the product and are sure that in time the economic sense of OBT will be clear for all to see.”

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