Blockbuster toys set to be a hit this summer

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A trio of some of the most sought after licenses will be making their way to arcades this season via a range of new toy products from Sega Prize.


Sega Prize is delighted to announce that it has partnered with some truly iconic brands for the coming season. Working closely with licensors such as Mattel, ITV and Pesky Productions, the company is brining to market a brand new collection of licensed prizes that it says is like no it has produced before.

The Barbie brand holds a 57 year legacy as the worlds number one selling doll of all time. As a strong female role model, Barbie is supported by Mattel’s huge marketing strategy and continues to dominate the retail space.

Through her fashion collaborations and the incredibly successful “You can be anything” campaign, the Barbie brand is stronger and more popular than ever before. The Barbie Fashionista collection features three hairstyles, including the iconic Barbie Ponytail; beautifully embroidered facial detailing; luxuriously soft plush fabrics and of course she is dressed in six of her most stunning outfits. Every outfit is constructed from fine cottons and glittery materials.

Elsehwere, season 2 of the hot new “Thunderbirds Are Go!” TV series is currently airing every Saturday afternoon on ITV. A cherished children’s television property, Thunderbirds has been rebuilt from the ground up in stunning high definition CG detail. Thunderbirds has evolved into a modern action adventure series, full of plot twists and cliff hangers.

The show has a massive fan base among audiences of all ages, appealing to both boys and girls. Sega Prize’s Thunderbirds Are Go! collection brings to life the five Tracy brothers as chibi plush toys for the very first time. Each brother features their own individual hair styles constructed from soft plush fabric, embroidered faces and highly detailed uniforms.

Boj is the fantastic hit Cbeebies preschool animation full of creativity and laughter. Boj shows us all how to loosen up, be free-thinking, creative, pro-active, resourceful and ultimately how to put aside our differences.

Featuring a catchy theme song by Jason Donovan, known for his lead role in “Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat”, Boj is a entertaining and fun for all the family.

Sega has worked closely with the creators of the show to bring Boj and his friends to life, as a super cuddly plush collection. This colourful collection has been hand crafted from the finest soft plush fabrics, with every detail embroidered to perfection and finally filled with a bouncy hollow fibre stuffing.

“We view every prize as cherished memory from the moment it’s won,” said a Sega Prize representative, “immortalising a great day out with friends and family. Sega Prize don’t just aim to meet our customers expectations, we strive to exceed them! Attention to detail is key to our design philosophy and every item is developed with the needs of our customers and visitors in mind.”

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