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Coinslot - SuzoHapp
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Whether you’re in need of new components for much-loved redemption machines or are looking to kick up your operation up a gear, SuzoHapp has every angle covered.


CompetitionPRO from SuzoHapp covers a great range of products and solutions for the amusement market.

This includes wide range of cups and cup holders made from durable, impact-resistant plastic. They are naturally stackable, but do not stick together and the cups can be customised with a design and logo printed on them.

Redemption tickets also fall under the CompetitionPRO umbrella. They are available in a variety of colours. Suzo offers the ENTD-2000 or the Deltronic Ticket Dispenser.

For arcades, the company has Air Hockey Puck Twisters, Air Hockey Hammers and replacement Felt Discs. For games with mallets, operators can choose from the Touch Screen Mallet, the Small Foam Mallet or the Universal Mallet. For active football games, SuzoHapp offer the replacement ‘Kick It’ football and tether.

Need to replace a shotgun on your arcade game? Then look no further than the 29 inch Pump Action Shotgun for Big Buck Hunter Pro – available in both orange and green. If you need jumbo buttons, the German spares veterans have a vast range of colours available.

For basketball games – the company offers a range of basketballs in three different sizes – 5.5 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch. These are complemented by a wide range of Ambersil aerosols that round off CompetitionPRO. Whether you need a Glass Cleaner, IPA Solvent or Label Remover to name just a few, Ambersil has the solution.

Moving from the physical to the digital, SuzoHapp can also provide venues with the IDEAL software system, which unites all different sections of an entertainment centre, ensuring that managing all the sections of an arcade is much more simple and cost-effective. IDEAL allows for card or wristband based play, with various card reading possibilities. The customer can pay to play amusement games, access rides and attractions or even purchase food and beverages with the card, anywhere in the location.

IDEAL offers a complete solution, including a self service POS terminal, where the cards can be purchased and/or recharged. The IDEAL Cashless Express card system can be implemented onto amusement machines using colourful card readers that are simple to fit onto the machines.

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