Gambling Commission report a mixed bag for coin-op

Coinslot - Gambling Commission Mixed bag Coinslot
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The Gambling Commission’s latest report contains a mixed outlook for the coin-op community, says Tom Rush.


The Gambling Commission’s report released this week states that overall gambling participation has seen an overall increase of three percent, with 48 percent of people aged 16 or over having participated in at least one form of gambling in the past four weeks, although the figure drops to 33 percent when you exclude those that have only played the National Lottery.

When coupled with only an 0.2 percent rise in those defined as problem gamblers it would lend itself to an interpretation of a growing, well regulated industry, good news all ends up.

However, the report highlighted a noted fall in land-based arcades and bingo halls as the seemingly unrelenting march of online betting continues, with nearly one third of all UK bets placed through apps and websites.

Whilst this may not be an immediate cause for concern for the season ahead, it is a stark reminder of the consumer winds to change that operators would do well to heed.

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