Playdium’s online capabilities and menu management is stimulating play

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TouchTunes’ Nick Hardy explores the success behind the Playdium jukebox related to online data monitoring and real-time updates.


According to Nick Hardy, TouchTunes Commercial Director, Europe, the ability to constantly monitor play and undertake continuous real-time updates are two of the stand out features which explain the success being enjoyed by the 250 Playdium jukeboxes sited in pubs, clubs and other entertainment locations throughout the UK.

“The in-venue music experience and the way in which the modern consumer approaches the selection of music has changed dramatically,” stated Hardy. “Playdium’s phenomenal online capabilities combined with an unprecedented choice of music from the same digital distributors that supply Spotify and iTunes Apple Music, means that venues are able to benefit from what is a sophisticated market-led approach of prompts and highlights, all designed to encourage play.”

He added: “This means that the team based at the Soundnet offices in Camden can respond immediately to events such as music awards and changes to an artist’s public profile. The sad passing of big-name artists such as David Bowie, Prince, George Michael and Leonard Cohen generated huge spikes in interest in their work. By remotely uploading a custom tile of the artist’s image and helping jukebox users navigate to their catalogue of songs, Playdium can instantly meet this demand.”

He added: “This is modern retailing at its best, conducted remotely and in real time. Operators should remember that as many as one-third of all plays at any given site are of songs that get played just once, illustrating just how important it is to be able to provide a breadth and depth of music choice, and react instantly to short-term swings in preferences. No other jukebox in the market can deliver this user-focused flexibility; Playdium really has reinvented the jukebox experience and is the next stage in the evolution of pay-to-play music delivery.”

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