Operators see centrepiece potential in Project’s Crazy Chicken multiplayer

Coinslot Project Crazy Chicken red
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Crazy Chicken, the latest video redemption game from Project, has seen a number of operators add a fourth game to its multiplayer format thanks to the product’s growing appeal.


Project’s Crazy Chicken, which is the only video redemption game on the market, is quickly earning a reputation as a high appeal centrepiece with a growing number of operators adding a fourth game to the multiplayer format. Described by Project as ‘taking redemption to the next level’ the high impact game provides the theatre and intense activity required to work as an effective centrepiece attraction.

Project Managing Director, Tony Boulton, believes that a family audience brought up playing interactive screen games on tablets and other devices at home, are drawn to more dynamic forms of in-venue entertainment.

He stated: “There’s no doubt that redemption is a central feature of the FEC experience. However, in what is a fast moving entertainment world dominated by multi-media brands, it’s important to add more excitement to the game playing experience. All of the feedback we have received together with the income data , which is 26% above pre-launch performance targets, suggests that Crazy Chicken is fulfilling the requirement for next generation redemption.”

Crazy Chicken has nine different percentage options which run to within 0.5% accuracy. The game is available as part of Project’s Finance Package and can be sited at a cost of £130 per week.

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