Flexibility at the heart of latest Project B3

Coinslot - Project B3 mega Bars
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Project has confirmed its latest B3 model, Mega Bars Big Cash, will be made available with a back library of 24 titles.


Project’s Mega Bars Big Cash is the latest B3 model to be given the spotlight treatment by RLMS Sales. Already an iconic game in its own right, this latest version has been made available with a back library of 24 titles.

The aim is to offer a game with a great brand identity that players will instantly recognise within a multi-game environment and give operators absolute flexibility, allowing them to introduce extra titles from the back library at a pace that suits their location and in line with pay cycles or internal promotions.

Territory sales manager, Jonathan Lauder, explained: “Mega Bars is a game that arcade and bingo players already know and love. It made perfect sense, therefore, to present the game in its own branded machine with an inbuilt back library rather than lose it among a compendium. The net result is that we are now able to offer one of the best games on the market as part of a future proof package that fits beautifully in a multi-game area.”

An added incentive for operators, according to Lauder, is the inclusion of a £1.50 stake. He noted: “The decision by Project to introduce a £1.50 stake option on this game is a really welcome development for both the player and the operator. From a player perspective it gives them a chance to stake up without having to commit fully to a £2 spin. It’s a nice compromise that will give them the opportunity to win bigger for only a moderate increase in stake. For the operator, this has the added benefit of raising the average stake across their location. It’s a win-win!”

Mega Bars Big Cash comes presented in the sleek and desirable Advantage Chrome cabinet, complete with full HD graphics, and is TITO ready. It also works with Project’s increasingly popular loyalty card system.

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