Coinslot - Education Day Amusements Expo Dallas

Education for amusements and FEC professionals

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This year’s Amusements Expo will feature FEC based lectures at preceding conference, or Education Day, at the Dallas Convention Centre in Texas.


The Amusements Expo, a trade event for FEC and amusements operators, will be held at the Dallas Convention Centre in Texas, beginning with a conference day on 14 March and continuing with a trade show on 15 and 16 March.

The conference, or Education Day, will feature a number of compelling lectures designed to focus on either the business of the industry professionals in attendance.

FEC based lectures will focus on the evolution of FECs and give advice on how to compete and win against national chains. Lectures focusing on amusements will explore emerging growth opportunities within the sector, especially in non-traditional areas such as pubs and street operators.

The Education Day will also include a luncheon for both focus groups and will end with a gala evening, which will be open to all showgoers with badges.

The trade show will be worth attending for the vast networking opportunities and the chance to see the latest innovative technology in action while receiving advice from industry experts on how it could best be used to further business.

Over 100 exhibitors are confirmed to attend the Amusements Expo 2017, so the potential for meeting new contacts and connecting with industry colleagues is endless.

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