UK operators face pier pressure following Doris

Coinslot - Pressure storm Doris UK pier
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As the country is recovering from the pressure of this weekend’s storms many pier owners are facing a hit to insurance premiums through no fault of their own. It may be time for the Government step in to preserve our coastal heritage, says Tom Rush.


The piers that adorn the coast of the UK are a quintessential part of the British coastal holiday, harking back to a Victorian age of leisure and architectural endeavor.

These bastions of Britishness however are constantly under pressure from the very elements themselves. Damage done by storms invariably hits these attractions the hardest and drives up insurance premiums.

In the current climate many operators find it hard enough to find policies to begin with, and whilst weather may drive premiums up, it also brings the cost of essential, unseen repair and support work.

The varying modernity of piers around the UK restricts a wholesale insurance reclassification so solutions must be found elsewhere.

At a time when many are predicting a marked increase in domestic tourism there must be steps that local or national government can take in regards to subsidising insurance underwriting in order to help protect these crucial parts of British heritage.

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