24 Seven’s Outlaw – Tin Can Alley in Full Production

Coinslot - Tin Can Alley 24 Seven Gaming
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Leading independent UK game designer 24 Seven Gaming has confirmed that its first B4 product, Outlaw – Tin Can Alley, is in full production.


‘Outlaw – Tin Can Alley’ was shown on the Wessex Coin stand at the recent EAG Show, where it was very well received by customers. “It has been a very encouraging start to the year for 24 Seven. We have undertaken a lot of research and development on this game, which has a Wild West theme and it has certainly paid off,” said Managing Director, Simon McCarthy.

‘Outlaw – Tin Can Alley’ – is being offered as a rebuild or door kit option for the club market. “We were approached by several key club operators asking for a diversification in club product. We feel that the release of ‘Outlaw – Tin Can Alley’ is yet another milestone for 24 Seven Gaming,” added McCarthy.

Wessex Coin is the exclusive distributor for the game.

“We look for entertaining and cost-effective product and ‘Outlaw Tin Can Alley’ ticks those boxes.”

Managing Director Chris Skelly commented, “We look for entertaining and cost-effective product and ‘Outlaw Tin Can Alley’ ticks those boxes. This is the first in a line of club product from 24 Seven which we believe will lead to ongoing and repeat sales for us.”

“We are aware of the need to provide our customers with an attractive and entertaining offering for their leisure spend. At 24 Seven, we align ourselves with key partners that are of the same mindset. It is good to see Wessex Coin focusing on our analogue Cat C and B4 product range. Chris and the team at Wessex Coin carry out a key sales function for us and we look forward to gaining greater market share through 2017 and beyond,” concluded McCarthy.

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