SuzoHapp set to get a slice of the Irish cake

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The Irish market is the next stop for spares and components giant SuzoHapp on its international exhibition tour. And topping the agenda for the Irish Gaming Show will be the company’s secure cashhandling solutions. Stella Burgi outlines the plan for Dublin.


According to Stella Burgi, marketing manager EMA at SuzoHapp, more and more gaming machine manufacturers are entering the Irish market, which is just as dynamic as the markets in Germany, Italy and the UK, despite being smaller in size.

Talking ahead of the Dublin show, Burgi explained the draw for SuzoHapp: “This is shaking up the market somewhat. Operators have more choice and the slot machine producers are being faced with increased competition. More companies are trying to get a slice of the Irish gaming cake.”

The Irish Gaming Show may only a few weeks after the giant of all exhibitions, ICE, where many Irish people went to see the latest global trends in the market, the Dublin affair remains a very popular affair for people in the industry.

Burgi confirmed: “It is a must for us to exhibit as we can take the time and focus to support our customers in their own country at this show. This is a relaxed and sociable event that we always look forward to.”

In order to support their Irish customers in the same capacity as their European and UK customers, SuzoHapp has been paying attention to trends in the cash handling industry and their product range has been enriched by their cash handling product range.

“Operators are looking for more professional cash management solutions for their back office requirements. Our Scan Coin product range is the perfect answer as we have a great array of coin and note counting, sorting, processing and management solutions.”

Scan Coin products include a wide range of cash deposit systems, cash recycling systems, coin sorters with extreme accuracy and secure cash handling solutions. Each solution is tailored to the individual needs of every establishment to make cash handling easy and secure. Scan Coin has also been overseeing the necessary upgrades for the arrival of the new £1 coin with all their customers. With the circulation date only days away, Scan Coin estimates that possibly more than 90 percent of their customers have machines that are ready to accept the new coin.

Burgi said: “Scan Coin has over fifty years of experience and with our industry knowledge and experience at SuzoHapp – we are optimally positioned to support our customers in Ireland.”

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