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Eurocoin are out to make operators’ lives easier to manage, as it prepares to display its range of management solutions to the Irish market.


The Eurocoin team arrive in Dublin in strength, off the back of two excellent London shows at EAG and ICE, which were both very well attended by Irish gaming industry operators.

The company has enjoyed strong sales and support for its range of products across the island of Ireland, with specific growth in recent years from the Eurocoin Systems division, which promotes, installs and supports a range of hardware solutions and integrated systems designed to make machine management easier for the customer.

A great starting point for busy operators is to automate some of the cash-processing in their venues. The Thomas PayStation will be on display at the Irish Gaming Show, and will demonstrate several really attractive new features for gaming and leisure operators looking to tighten up on cash controls, whilst making life quicker and easier for their players.

“PayStation now accepts all forms of cash and cards, including bulk loose coin and TITO tickets” explained development manager James Armstrong. “It has huge capacity for both pay out and redemption, plus allows you pre-sell any goods and services in your venue. The cash stays safely in the PayStation, and the customer exchanges the printed bar-coded receipt for their choice of goods, parking, food & beverage, or whatever you want to add to the PayStation menu. It’s simple to set-up and run, using our easy-to-operate administrator screen.”

Extending their ‘joined-up systems’ philosophy, Eurocoin can then offer a Player Loyalty module to Irish operators, who will quickly see the benefits of offering promotions, rewards and prizes to their regular players. Powered by JCA Systems, this module immediately confirms to venue owners who, exactly, are their ‘MVP’ customers, and allows them to be rewarded accordingly.

“With our Playsafe Loyalty System installed, you can start to identify your really valuable customers and tailor your promotions to the right people,” expanded John Comfort. “Players love having a real range of prizes to aim for, and we can help deliver this quickly and cost-effectively.”

The CashIO Kiosk is one of the big successes in the Irish market. A proven TITO ticket redemption terminal, there are more than 1,000 CashIOs already installed in the gaming industry worldwide. “CashIO is the Irish casino operator’s preferred choice for all SAS protocolbased systems,” explained sales director Colin Veitch. “It’s a versatile, highly secure device that offers great advantages to the venue owner and management team. Handpays and jackpots can be authorised and cleared on the CashIO, Player Loyalty card-based points and payments can be redeemed, TITO tickets issued or cashed out…plus Irish operators have the confidence of knowing the Eurocoin Systems team are supporting them for all their operational queries”.

CashIO will be on the Eurocoin Systems stand, and operators are encouraged to come over for a full demonstration.

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