Eurocoin: A helping hand when change is at hand

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Eurocoin are on hand to minimise time and cost investments to Irish operators facing so many currency changes in 2017.


Both Eire and the Northern Ireland markets are set to face a number of currency changes this year, with a new 50 euro note coming out in April, a polymer £10 note being released in September 2017 and the new £1 coin only days away from coming into circulation. With that in mind, Eurocoin have produced comprehensive guides for coin and note upgrades for their Irish customers attending the Irish Gaming Show.

Colin Veitch, sales and marketing director at Eurocoin, said: “There are plenty of trending items in payment technologies that will be impacting Irish operators in the North and Eire in 2017. There is no doubt that there will be significant one-off time and cost investments required by gaming and leisure machine operators. We’re here to minimise these and provide assistance where and when required.”

Ireland has more to look forward to beyond the currency changes. Within the Irish market, both TITO tickets and card based payments continue to grow in their market share. Veitch said: “Our product range and systems on show in Dublin are designed to make machine management easier for venue owners and operators, processing and recording cash, card and TITO ticket transactions using secure and proven solutions.” Eurocoin has more than 40 years’ experience in the coin validation and payout business, so no one can be more qualified to handle coin mechanism needs. Some of their latest products include USB accessories to allow players to recharge devices and remain at slot machines, and projective capacitive touch displays to enhance customers’ at screen experiences.

Coming fresh from a successful showing at ICE Totally Gaming, Eurocoin views the Irish Gaming show as a chance to make a greater impact on their customers and to make a more attentive showcase for the Irish market.

Veitch said: “It was a pleasure to see so many of our Irish customers visiting ICE, and we were able to spend a good deal of time introducing the latest products and systems to them in London. The timing of the Irish Gaming Show, just three weeks after ICE, works very well for all parties, we believe. This will now be a show where we can focus on our product presentations exclusively upon our Irish clients’ specific requirements, demonstrating the key features they need. We’re really looking forward to the event, and are bringing our full range of Eurocoin Systems products, plus our specialist team members to the Dublin show.”

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