C24 Amarox: The Genesis of a new machine

Coinslot C24 Amarox Genesis Gaming
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The new C24 Amarox will be pride of place on the Genesis Games stand at this year’s Irish Gaming Show.


Genesis Games has been busy preparing for the Irish Gaming Show where they will be showcasing their new C24 Amarox cabinet as their latest offering to the Irish market.

The C25 Amarox is the latest release from the Performer cabinet range. Inspired by the curved design of the Performer Grand Arc, the C24 Amarox blends in perfectly with the double and triple-screen Grand Arcs and includes the latest 40 game compendium from Genesis.

Alongside the Amarox, Genesis will be displaying a range of their existing cabinets to potential Irish customers.

When asked about the benefits of selling to the Irish gaming market, Steve Bierrum, director at Genesis, said: “There is a ‘light touch’ when it comes to regulatory issues. There are different interpretations of existing legislation on a county by county basis. This does not prevent the market being a fertile territory for us.”

Commenting on potential changes to the Irish gaming industry this year, Bierrum said: “Like all territories, legislation needs to keep up with technology. However it wouldn’t be good to implement change for changes sake.”

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