Project launches Finance Package allowing operators to pay from the cash box

Coinslot Finance Package Project Crazy Chicken ticket
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Project’s Finance Package launches allowing operators more flexibility when adding new products to their gaming floor.


Project managing director, Tony Boulton, has released details of their bespoke Finance Package which allows operators to site new, high income product on the gaming floor and pay using income from the cash box.

Taking Project’s leading poker game, Free hand Poker, as a case study, the Finance Package enables operators to place a proven product on the floor for £40/week paid over a 24 month contract.

The Finance Package includes a notional £100 end of term settlement and interest has been secured at a competitive rate of 6 percent.

Explaining the package in greater detail, Tony Boulton said: “We have always been and remain very conscious of the various pressures operators are under and the importance of using capital strategically. Having discussed the options with customers and distributors, I am delighted that we have been able to put together an option suited to the needs of the market. The interest rate of 6 percent is competitive and we believe that we will be able to approve nine out of ten applications and have their finance in place within hours. The application process is straightforward and can be undertaken with the help of our distributors, RLMS and Crown.”

He added: “The Finance Package means that operators will no longer have to make the choice between putting new product on their game floor and undertaking other improvements for which finance is not easily available such as refurbishment or investing in new premises. It’s a simple, straightforward process which will allow operators of all sizes to invest in income generating equipment. For coastal operators wanting to add the latest redemption equipment to their product offering, the cost of siting Project’s Crazy Chicken, using the Finance Package, is £130 per week.”

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