Playdium tops the charts as performance sets new records

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Following an ‘excellent’ EAG, TouchTunes’ Playdium has broken new records by topping the jukebox income league table.


Widely recognised as the smartest jukebox on the market, the TouchTunes’ Playdium can now add the title of being the ‘World’s Best Performing Jukebox’ to its long list of market leading attributes.

This accolade is based on real-time data, collected and collated 24/7 from a robust sample size of 200 Playdium jukeboxes sited in pubs, clubs and other locations throughout the UK.

Nick Hardy, TouchTunes’ commercial director europe, believes the data demonstrates the expanse of ‘clear blue water’ that exists between Playdium and its competitors as well as providing a validation of TouchTunes commitment to R&D which stands at 20 percent of annual turnover.

He explained: “The data clearly shows that Playdium is a game-changing jukebox whose earning ability serves to underline the importance and credibility of payto- play music in a venue. Our sample size of 200 is statistically very sound and performance is monitored in real-time, all of the time.”

He added: “Playdium’s position at the top of the jukebox income league table is due to formidable online capabilities that none of its competitors can deliver. In specific terms these features include continuous real-time updates and refreshes as well as almost limitless music selection options, reconfigured multiple times every day. The individual self-profiling of these features combine to make each Playdium ‘personal’ to its specific location. I believe that this data confirms that the most advanced and best-performing jukebox money can buy is the Playdium, and by some distance.”

Following what Hardy described as an ‘excellent’ EAG, sales of Playdium are over 20 percent ahead of pre-launch forecasts. The figures exclude any further commitment from nationwide operating partners.

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