Sparks to fly in jukebox sector following AMI’s buy out of NSM

Coinslot Sparks NMI AMI
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It’s all systems go in the jukebox world now, with added US investment and competitive spirit behind the UK’s two biggest suppliers. Joseph Ewens is looking forward to what the future holds for this sector.


2017 was already shaping up to be a pretty interesting year on many fronts, but it seems that we can now add the jukebox sector that long list of parts of the world worth watching over the next ten months.

I am, of course, referring to AMI buying NSM. Which means that with the TouchTunes, Soundnet and Sound Leisure trifecta go big guns with their Playdium machine, we can expect what is already a hotly contested market to heat up even further as the months progress.

With two of the country’s biggest jukebox companies now backed by powerful US competitors there is plenty scope for exciting added investment in the British market, but also the added rivalry laid over what is already something of a battleground in the UK.

All of which ought to be great news for customers. It’s an old adage that competition brings out the best in people and with the stakes having now been raised for the jukebox sector, we’re certainly hoping to see big things from this portion of the coin-op market.

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