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ALMR renews calls for business rates action

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Calls for business rates revamp grow following details of Amazon’s business rates cut.


The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, which represents a large number of pubs across the country, is leading renewed calls for a business rates revamp.

Trade associations including BALPPA and Bacta have spoken on out on this issue before, but the ALMR has been prompted to issue fresh calls for change following news that internet retail giant Amazon is to benefit from a business rates cut.

“Pubs, bars and restaurants are crucial employers and drivers of growth for the UK economy, yet they still face extortionate business rates,” explained ALMR chief executive, Kate Nicholls.

These bills are increasing in every region of the UK and many businesses will struggle to absorb the costs.

Last week The Sun reported that over 17,000 pubs are looking at an average 19 percent increase in their bills. Nicholls echoed concerns felt not only by pubs, but by other coin-op businesses on the high street.

“The Government has reportedly seen fit to lower Amazon’s business rates bill but numerous small businesses across the country, businesses that contribute to both the economic and social fabric of our high streets, are to get no such help,” she said.

“The Government must act to reform business rates and provide transitional relief for valuable, hardworking pubs and bars that contribute so much and will be hugely missed should they be priced out of business.”

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