A reunion of international branches bring success to GeWeTe

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A group of international teams from GeWeTe used ICE to network with each other as well as the assembled industry.

As well as being the industry’s largest annual launch pad for gaming innovation, ICE presents a rare opportunity for international branches of the same company to work together.

Mark Edmundson, sales manager at GeWeTe UK, said: “We’ve got all of our offices over from Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK. We only get the team together on Christmas and ICE, so this is definitely a good opportunity to put our heads together.

“Each market sector is different. Italy and Spain are very different to the UK, which is very different to Germany and other Scandinavian and European countries.”

Edmundson found that having all its offices in London meant that operators could find the product they needed from another branch of the company even if it wasn’t available in the UK.

This flexibility made them very successful at ICE 2017. He added: “We’re doing a few more shows next year in America and Latin America, so it’s nice to see people here who we hope we’ll catch up with in Miami. We’re building up a portfolio of us as a company as well as a group. This year is the first year where every company in the Gauselmann Group is all on one panel.”

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