Flexibility of gaming system design key for Heber

Coinslot Heber ICE
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ICE provides exposure of Heber’s key efforts for the year ahead.

Gaming system manufacturer, Heber, brought its range of gaming electronics solutions to ICE, highlighting the company’s breadth of off the shelf products, and flexibility in design.

Following a R&D heavy 2016, the company were keen to take advantage of the exposure a show such as ICE provides.

“There is exposure to a lot more customers and a lot more markets at ICE, and there is a real crossover between industries for our products, so it’s very important to be here, you have to be here,” said Graham Jackson, sales and marketing manager.

Of particular note was the presence of Heber’s gaming product solutions, notably the T100, A300 and A400 units, which when held alongside the company’s ability to design and build products for specific customer needs represents a full solutions package, which Jackson noted was a key facet of the company.

“It is all about finding the right cost point, and the right solution for each and every customer.”

Heber also showcased its proprietary Pluto PSU power supply, an industry standard device that reaffirms the company’s commitment to innovation within the coin operated market.

“We’ve always said we aim to go strongly after the bingo, street gaming and casino markets, and that is what our products focus on, and more importantly they can be used in every single one.” He added that, “we focus on all three, we do not just focus on the one area.”

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