eQube: Improving customer service experience and environment

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eQube puts the ICE in customer service as it showcases leading electronic bingo system.

Electronic bingo provider eQube attended ICE to display its world-leading modular system to a long line of very curious operators from across the gaming industry.

With different levels of bingo offered for casinos, clubs, bars, charities and arcades, John Purcell, CEO at eQube, outlined how he’d been explaining the company’s system to visitors.

“Being the leading electronic bingo system in the world, the first mistake people make is that we are only about bingo – we are actually in the hospitality business,” he said. “Because bingo is at the softer edge of gaming, hospitality is the most important part of it; after customer service, experience and environment – bingo is actually number four on the list of what we deliver. Anyone can do the game of bingo; its very easy. However, for someone to deliver the tools for a better experience, environment and service, it’s quite difficult.”

Unlike other products on show at ICE, the company’s electronic bingo is designed to complement operators’ core offering. This means that with every potential customer, the important discussion for Purcell is how eQube can bring the best out of each individual site.

“The first thing we ask our customer is what can we do for you, and we really get to understand their business,” he added.

“eQube can offer a knife, fork, plate and a powerful kitchen, it’s up to operators to decide the menu. We do so much advisory and sales consultancy to help operators understand the value we can add, and we will say: Don’t buy our system unless it’s going to improve your customer service, experience, and environment.”

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