SuzoHapp: Always secure and always prepared

Coinslot SuzoHapp
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New product range from SuzoHapp launched at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming.

SuzoHapp has established itself as a global technology leader in gaming, retail and banking environments with its cash handling technology.

Stella Burgi, marketing manager EMA at SuzoHapp, said: “Our product range has been enriched by cash handling product range, for example Cash- Complete, that is new, and we’re launching it here at ICE for the first time. It’s product range of products for deposits and recycling cash.”

CashComplete is fully automated and designed to minimise the handling of cash-in check-out lanes in order to provide more efficient service. It also has the added benefit of increased security thanks to a closed end-to-end solution.

Steve Fitton, sales director at Scan Coin added: “Our CashComplete platform is a range of solutions that once the cash is deposited and validated in the back office, it’s never exposed until it’s actually in a secure bank environment.”

Scan Coin has also been overseeing the necessary upgrades for the arrival of the new £1 coin with all their customers. Fitton estimates that possibly more than 90 percent of Scan Coin’s customers are ready to accept the new coin.

Fitton added: “The new £1 coin is the most secure coin the Royal Mint has ever issued.”

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