ICE is a great launchpad for new Electrocoin machine

Coinslot ICE Electrocoin
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Electrocoin represents the UK at ICE with launch of its latest slot machine.

Electrocoin’s team, including Andy Murden and Kevin Weir, went to ICE Totally Gaming with a strong purpose; the showcase of their new Monte Carlo £100 slot machine.

Murden said: “We were disappointed that we didn’t get it to EAG, so ICE had to be our launchpad, but it gave us a bit of time to get the publicity in place. For the UK customer there aren’t that many UK stands at ICE so it’s actually a good opportunity to get time with people, as they’re not rushing off to look at other products.”

All features of the Monte Carlo £100 are certain to draw in players, from its choice of nine games ranging from Lo-Tech to Hi-Tech, to the gold, silver and bronze cash pots.

Operators can either buy the machine outright, or lease it and pay on a weekly rate and own the machine within three years.

Murden said: “We have found, through testing and longer periods of exposure, that the Lo-tech games are now proving to be the most popular so whereas we concentrated much more on reproducing high tech games, it’s now switched the other way around.”

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